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An empty canvas becomes a snapshot of a story derived from a world of dreams and unconscious visualizations. Just as a story has a beginning, middle and end; so too the story unfolds from a doodle to a sketch flowing through unconsciousness onto the canvas. At times humorous, on occasion a spicy touch of Southwest inspiration. Many allegorical references abound, thought-provoking inferences.

Colors are then built up through multiple layers of rich oils adding to the depth and vibrancy. Colors are based on each individual component; not as a part of the whole painting. At times perspectives are slightly skewed, rules broken; but the subconscious does not know this, only the vision at that precise moment.


Sharing my life's journeys and visions; creating a flood of emotions, remembrances of past/present stories; that is what I wish to share with others as they view my works.

The Surreal Art of Tim Bintz

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